I just invested $10000 dollars on cryptocurrency

I just invested $10000 dollars on cryptocurrency

We experienced a crazy cryptocurrency rush at the second half of year 2017. Bitcoin rocketed to the moon and hundreds of altcoins appeared to the markets, trying to follow the same path. Many of them have already multiplied in value and everyone is trying to find the next big crypto rocket. From an investment point of view it’s a real Wild West with high risks where it’s easy to lose your money.

But is it just hype and speculation or is there any real value behind it? I think there is. I’m a Developer myself so I’m extremely interested in the technology side behind cryptocurrencies. I understand how blockchain, distributed ledger technology and consensus-algorithms work and how it is a new kind of an approach to solve actual problems. Currently hundreds of tech teams are trying to apply the technology to different kind of use cases and as a first act launch their Initial Coin Offerins (ICOs). Many of these projects have failed and many more will fail, but some of them could became very successful. Which projects has the most potential to become the next crypto rocket? That’s what I’ll try to find out and put my money in it.

The journey is constant learning and that’s why I write this blog. I’m not an investment advisor nor should you take my words as such advise. I’m simply writing down my thoughts and things I’ve learned. I invested $10 000 dollards of my own money as a starting point. If you’re interested to see how it turns out, please follow my blog! And hey, share to friends as well. 🙂

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